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                      Clean Sky results                                               Ric Parker at Farnborough 2016


Clean Sky is a successful Public Private Partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry. Now five years in operation, the programme is largely on track, and the environmental performance targets are all within reach. Clean Sky 2 will build on this success, further integrating breakthrough technologies at aircraft level and delivering in-flight demonstration of novel architectures and configurations enabling changes in environmental and economic performance. As a result, Clean Sky 2 technologies will allow future aircraft to deliver a further 20-30% reduction in fuel burn and related CO2 emissions, and a similar reduction in noise levels compared to current aircraft (2014 technology).  In addition to these environmental objectives, we also expect to make a highly important contribution to improved European competitiveness and mobility. We expect that the benefits of the programme will have a widespread reach concerning citizens, the economy, the aeronautics sector and in particular, SMEs and the scientific and academic community.