Vision 2020

In 2001, the report of the Group of Personalities "European Aeronautics: A vision for 2020" pioneered an integrated vision of the European Air Transport System (ATS) for the next 20 years. It established, as its top-level objectives, the need to respond to society's needs and to secure European leadership in the aeronautics field.

"Society's needs embrace the whole range of benefits that all citizens of Europe expect of the air transport industry now and in the future. These benefits are direct, as in the quality and price of travel, and indirect, as in the preservation of security and safety in a more global world. They encompass the personal needs of travellers and the collective needs of non-travellers who want to live in quiet, pollution-free neighbourhoods."


The report also recommended the creation of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE), the first European Technology Platform, which produced a set of strategic research objectives (SRA1) in 2002 and a second updated edition (SRA-2) in 2004.

Strategic Reserch Agenda (SRA)

  • SRA-1 is built around 5 Challenges for technology development. It has been used as a reference guide for a number of national and institutional bodies for establishing their research programmes.
  • SRA-2 describes 6 High Level Target Concepts (HLTCs)and their associated technologies with respect to different socio-economic scenario. Each HLTC stresses a particular aspect of the Air Transport System.

Clean Sky will contribute to meeting two of the ACARE HLTCs :

  • Ultra Green Air Transport System, i.e. reducing the impact of air transport on the environment.
  • Highly cost efficient Air Transport System: Through innovative technological developments, Clean Sky will contribute to answering society's needs and securing European leadership in aeronautics.

It should be noted that the scope of Clean Sky does not cover Biofuels and other renewal energy (for information on biofuels visit the web sites of the European Commission or of the aviation industry