Governance Structure



The CSJU Executive Director and its team manage the CSJU and report to the Governing Board.

The Governing board is composed of the 12 ITDs leaders (the members), the European Union - represented by the European Commission - and 6 Associates.

Two advisory bodies provide further input and recommendations, and play a coordination role: 

SRG (States Representative Group)

The SRG is the focal point on Clean Sky at the national level; it operates as a network of national representatives of each EU Member State and of each other country associated to the Framework Programme. The SRG ensures that the organisation and the outcome of the calls are transparent and fair, assists with the organisation of Info days and dedicated technical workshops, reviews information and provides opinions on the programme progress to the Clean Sky JU, contributes to the update of the strategic orientation of the programme and the involvement of SMEs in Clean Sky. The SRG meets several times a year. 

<Download the SRG Factsheet and list of contacts>

STAB (Scientific and Technological Advisory Board) 

The STAB is composed of high-level scientists and engineers. It aims at advising the JU on matters related to scientific and technological analysis, environmental effects forecast, and societal aspects and economics. The STAB meets twice a year.