Clean Sky is a unique Public-Private Partnership involving the European Commission and the aeronautic industry


12 ITD Leaders

Industrial organisations that contributed to the build-up of the Clean Sky JTI proposal. They jointly commit to perform, complete and afterwards exploit the Clean Sky programme. Each of them leads or co-leads a specific Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD). They all participate to the Technology Evaluator and contribute financially to the support of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (JU).
<Who are the ITD Leaders>

The European Commission

Unique stakeholder representing the interests of the European Community within the Clean Sky JU sits in governance bodies with specific rights in the decision-making processes and controls the public part of funding, both for technical activities and for support of the JU.

<FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission>

71 Associates

Private or public organisations having applied for and been accepted through a transparent and fair selection process as permanent members of the Clean Sky JU. They commit to perform and complete certain essential work packages in one or more ITDs for the full duration of Clean Sky. They contribute financially to the support of the JU.
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Partners are private or public organisations participating for certain specific tasks over a limited period in the course of Clean Sky. They are selected following open Calls for Proposals issued by the JU. Participation of SMEs as Partners is encouraged (up to 75% funded). 

Already about 500 partners. Download: