Registration to the JTIs common event on synergies with ESIF on 11th October 2016 at the Committee of Regions is now open

Event details

11/10/2016, 14:30 - 17:00
Committee of the Regions,
Van Maerlant, Room 1
1000 Brussels

Five JTIs (Clean Sky, ECSEL, FCH, IMI and BBI) are coordinating for organising a debate on synergies with ESIF which will take place in the framework of the annual regional “Open Days” at the Committee of Regions in Brussels on 11th October 2016.


The event will see the participation of distinguished speakers and experts on synergies and will provide to the public an overview of the model followed by Clean Sky 2 JU and the other Joint Undertakings in cooperating with Regions in view of achieving synergies with ESIF. The event will serve as a first exchange of best practice among JTIs on the forms of cooperation with Regions and as a strategic debate with stakeholders and regional authorities on both opportunities and challenges.


Stakeholders and any interested party are invited to register on the website of the Committee of the Regions:


The title of  the event is “Enhance Regional Innovation and Growth: possibilities for integrated funding through regional cooperation with Joint Undertakings (JUs)” and it has a unique code: INV11A37


The event is sponsored by a total of 5 Regions. Clean Sky 2 JU is supported by its partner Region Andalucia  which signed a Memorandum of Understanding on synergies with Clean Sky 2 JU in June 2015.    


For more information on the Clean Sky 2 JU action plan on synergies please visit our dedicated section.