Together at the forefront of innovation

An integrated and coordinated programme

The greening of Aeronautics and Air Transport calls for a quantum leap in performance through a consistent, coherent and holistic approach focusing on the integration of advanced technologies and validation of results in a multidisciplinary approach leading to full-scale ground and flight demonstrators.

Technologies allowing for the step change have to be concurrently developed, integrated and validated to maximise the benefit of technology interaction and cross fertilisation on the whole Air Transport System (ATS). Those are organised into six main themes, six Integrated Technology Demonstrators, that cover the broad range of R&T work: aircraft - fixed wing (large and regional aircraft) and rotorcraft, engines, systems and eco-design concepts able to deliver more environmentally friendly aircraft production and operations. A "technological evaluator" - a set of models to predict the local and global ecological impact of the technologies being integrated, will allow independent analysis of the projects as they unfold.

ITDs implement technologies which, when brought together, will enable progress which will be truly groundbreaking rather than "incremental" - since reductions of around 30% are expected in terms of both carbon emissions and noise. These six themes are not just a simple "package" of programmes that are independent of one another. On the contrary, they form a whole and the Joint Undertaking has to be structured in the most efficient way allowing both the full coverage of all areas of R&T work while ensuring a high degree of efficiency in the management of the technical activities.

The six ITDs and the Technology Evaluator

Clean Sky is made up of 6 Integrated Technology Demonstrators.

SMART Fixed Wing Aircraft - SFWA - will deliver active wing technologies and new aircraft configuration for breakthrough, news products.
Green Regional Aircraft - GRA - will deliver low-weight aircraft using smart strutures, as well as low external noise configurations and the integration of technology developed in other ITDs, such as engines, energy management and new system architectures.
Green Rotorcraft - GRC - will deliver innovative rotor blades and engine installation for noise reduction, lower airframe drag, integration of diesel engine technology and advanced electrical systems for elimination of noxious hydraulic fluids and fuel consumption reduction.
Sustainable and Green Engines - SAGE - will design and build five engine demonstrators to integrate technologies for low noise and lightweight low pressure systems, high efficiency, low NOx and low weight cores and novel configurations such as open rotors and intercoolers.
Systems for Green Operations - SGO - will focus on all-electrical aircraft equipment and systems architectures, thermal management, capabilities for "green" trajectories and mission and improved ground operations to give any aircraft the capability to fully exploit the benefits of Single European Sky.
Eco-Design - ECO - will focus on green design and production, withdrawal, and recycling of aircraft, by optimal use of raw materials and energies thus improving the environmental impact of the whole products life cycle and accelerating compliance with the REACH directive.

A simulation network called the Technology Evaluator will assess the performance of the technologies thus developed.