Eco Design Final Review


The Eco Design ITD Final Review was hosted by Dassault Aviation in Saint Cloud (Paris) from 5 – 7 April 2016. It gave a detailed overview of the completion of the programme in 2015 and the overall results and achievements of the ITD during the past 7 years. The meeting was attended by 70 participants, including 4 reviewers and 4 representatives of the Clean Sky JU, and the programme’s management was also present: Didier Gondoin, Dassault Engineering Director; Bruno Stoufflet, Clean Sky Governing Board Vice Chair; John Simpson, Fraunhofer Aviation Chairman; and Yvon Ollivier, Dassault, who was the actual manager of the programme.


Eco Design is the first ITD to complete its activities in Clean Sky and the results coming from both the EDA (Eco Design for Airframe) and EDS (Eco Design for Systems) projects are in line with the ITD’s ambitious objectives. A significant number of EDA’s developed demonstrators, from successful partner projects to address future Eco technologies for airframes and equipment aimed at different aircraft vehicles, were shown in thematic rooms (composite, metallic, bio-materials). Concrete results have been proven through LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) and final Eco assessments, with Technology Evaluator (TE) representatives also present. EDS also provided remarkable conclusions regarding new technologies to be applied to innovative more electrical aircraft architectures.