New aircraft thermal management applications developed in Eco-Design ITD


An innovative device for future aircraft thermal management applications was developed by Euro Heat Pipes SA in collaboration with Dassault Aviation through a two-phase system where the heat is evacuated by vaporisation and condensation. The device works without electrical input and its activation/operation is due only to the heat dissipation. In detail, the thermal device is composed of 5 mini-loop heat pipes (mini-LHP) filled with acetone fluid, which are distributed on the face of the equipment to be cooled (on the mini-LHP’s evaporators), and which share the total heat to dissipate. A thermal device such as this could be applied in the cooling of a number of future aircraft equipment including battery control units, electrical ice protection units, electrical power distribution units, in-flight entertainment systems etc., increasing their operational reliability by efficiently controlling their thermal behaviour. A real-life application of the implemented thermal device was tested in a representative ground test facility (Thermal Test Bench) realised by Fraunhofer IBP under the Eco-Design ITD.