Eco-Design - Demonstrators

The TRL of the technology candidates are generally estimated at 3. The technologies will be matured individually in order to reach a TRL 5 before going to demonstration. The demonstration itself will allow reaching TRL 6. The maturation and characterisation of some technologies have been performed until the end of 2010 through the "scoping". Those activities is continuing through a "Technology Development phase". The demonstration will be performed through a set of demonstrators based on the Technology Clusters. 


Up to now around 19 demonstrators have been identified: 12 of them are associated to Equipped Airframe (10 related to airframe and 2 related to cabin interior); the remaining to Equipment. They are not only related to business jet applications, but cover also narrow body, regional aircraft and rotorcraft. Synergies with GRA and GRC demonstrators exist in the specific areas.

With respect to All Electrical Aircraft activities, Electrical and Thermal Test benches are used to develop, validate and demonstrate the new energy management architectures. Here again, this is performed in close collaboration with GRC and GRA by sharing the COPPER Bird® test rig.