Eco-Design - Organisation and workplan


Eco-Design ITD is organized in the two major areas of EDA (Eco-Design for Airframe) and EDS (Eco-Design for Systems - small aircraft) 

The EDA part addresses the full aircraft life cycle, with a particular focus on the aircraft design & production and aircraft withdrawal phases, let say the out of operation phases. The EDS part only addresses the aircraft Use & Maintenance phase. In both parts, the usual performance and cost criteria strongly guide all the R&D activities all along the project. It is to be noted that fuel consumption is disregarded in this ITD since it will be largely dealt with in SAGE and vehicle's ITDs. 


Eco-Design project started in October 2008 with background reviews and first down selections of candidate technologies. The preliminary studies and selection phase are being closed with concept design reviews and some preliminary design reviews held in 2010 and 2011. The development of new technologies and of critical components is initiated and will be completed by 2013. The components integration, manufacturing and assembly of demonstrators and final ground tests are scheduled from 2013 to 2015.
The technology developments are monitored in terms of risk management and of technology readiness level, with a TRL ranging from 3 at Eco-Design start up to 6 targeted at demonstration completion