Eco-Design for Systems (EDS)



The general objective of EDS is to gain a valuable and comprehensive insight into the concept of all-electric aircraft. It is expected that the use of electricity as the only energy medium, by removing the hydraulic fluid and by the use of on-board power-by–wire will offer significant benefits in terms of aircraft maintenance and disposal environmental impact, and will yield new possibilities in terms of energy management (e.g.: intelligent load shedding, power regeneration on actuators, sharing of Electrical Control Unit over actuators...).
Taking into account the power level required on actuators and the TRL of electro-mechanical actuators, the deletion of hydraulic on large aircraft appears not possible within the time frame of Clean Sky. For example, the actuation of heavy landing gears of airliners requires high power peaks accessible reasonably only from the hydraulic technology. Consequently, the first step towards the "Hydraulic-less power by wire" aircraft is to be considered for a small cabin aircraft such as business jet, which would fit to other types of air vehicles  

Expected benefits

  • Around two percents fuel consumption due to mass benefits and better energy management.
  • Removing of hydraulic noxious fluids.
  • Increase aircraft availability through more efficient maintenance.
  • Limit the amount of ground and flight tests during design phase.