ADVANCED - Project Number: 271691

Advanced heating system and control for homogeneous high temperature curing of large composite repairs

APRIL - Project Number: 287129             

Advanced preform manufacturing for industrial LCM-processes

BFCLeaner - Project Number: 296687

Borate free Cleaners for Aluminum Alloys

BME CS 27 - Project Number: 298090    

Development of an innovative bio-based resin for aeronautical applications

Coproclam - Project Number: 270589

Corrosion protective coatings on light alloys by micro-arc oxidation

DIMAG - Project Number: 271858

Development and implementation of magnesium sheets in A/C

LCA-DATIM - Project Number: 267496

Life cycle assessment database improvement

MAGNOLYA - Project Number: 307659 

Advanced environmentally friendly chemical surface treatments for cast magnesium helicopter transmission alloys preservation

MIFACRIT - Project Number: 323474

Methodology toolbox for Aacelerated fatigue testing of FRP materials: micro-structural failure criterion for multi-axial fatigue of FRP structures

OPTOCLAVE - Project Number: 323520 

Design, implementation and validation of an automatic learning cure cycle optimisation process for the eco-efficient autoclave processing of composite materials

PlasmaClean - Project Number: 287099 

Surface mapping and control during atmospheric plasma treatments

SUSRAC - Project Number: 296546

Sustainable recycling of aircrafts composites

TARTASEAL - Project Number: 296631  

Chromate free and energy efficient sealing of TSA anodic films for corrosion protection

WISMOS - Project Number: 271874       

Wireless integrated strain monitoring and simulation