AirWISE - Project Number: 255776

Hardware development of wireless sensor network nodes for operation in airborne environment


AU-BBEMI - Project Number: 255711


CNMD - Project Number: 252044

Development of nanofilled prepreg for aircraft composite structures


COMPASS - Project Number: 270616

Functional laminates development. Components compatibility and feasibility assessment. Industrialisation.


EXPECT - Project Number: 270573

Examination of practical aspects of innovative bonded composite repair techniques


INDUCER - Project Number: 255770

Induction heating and health monitoring solutions for smart aircraft maintenance using adapted composite patches


Intelli-SHM - Project Number: 255816

Intelligent stress health monitoring


OPTIMUMS - Project Number: 255724

Optimisation of sensor placement methodology for structural health monitoring


RemFOS - Project Number: 255820


ROSA - Project Number: 270590

Reliability orientated optimisation of structural replacement strategies for aricraft structures

SENCES - Project Number: 255837


STRAINMON - Project Number: 296514


WAVECOM - Project Number: 323470


WINGTECH_EVALUATION - Project Number: 270586

Trade-off study for the ranking of new technologies best fitting wing