ACCUBLADE - Project Number: 338543

Low cost design approach through simulations and manufacture of new mould concepts for very high tolerance composite components 


AGF - Project Number: 298182

Active Guerny Flap


COMROTAG - Project Number: 619627

Development and Testing of Computational Methods to Simulate Helicopter Rotors with Active Gurney Flap 


DEMOS - Project Number: 338523

Design and Manufacturing of a pitch-Oscillating System for gurney flap testing 


GUM - Project Number: 298192

Active GUrney on Main rotor blade


LAMBLADE - Project Number: 267567

Development and proof a numerical model to solve laminar turbulent boundary layer transition and boundary layer velocity profiles for unsteady flow conditions


LEEToRB - Project Number: 325936

Lightweight, Energy-Efficient Tooling for the Manufacturing of Rotor Blades


MORALI - Project Number: 270629

Multi-Objective Robust Assessment of helicopter Improvements


MULTICOMPACT - Project Number: 255774

Multilayer Piezocomposites for Active Twist Rotor Blades


PT656 - Project Number: 278393

Gurney flap actuator and mechanism for a full scale helicopter rotor blade