ADHERO - Project Number: 270563

Aerodynamic design optimisation of a helicopter fuselage including a rotating rotor head


ATHENAI - Project Number: 619819

Aerodynamic testing of helicopter novel air intakes


CODE-TILT - Project Number: 270609

Contribution to design optimisation of tiltrotor components for drag reduction


DREAM-TILT - Project Number: 336439

Assessment of tiltrotor fuselage drag reduction by wind tunnel tests and CFD


HEAVYCOPTER - Project Number: 278416

Contribution to optimisation of heavy helicopter engine installation design


ROD - Project Number: 325997

Rotorcraft drag reduction


TETRA - Project Number: 619949

Test of ERICA tiltrotor air intakes


TILTOP - Project Number: 267309

Efficient shape optimisation of intake and exhaust of a tiltrotor nacelle