ELETAD - Project Number: 267322

Electrical tail rotor drive – simulation tools, test Rig and prototype development


PPSMPAB - Project Number: 271872

Piezo power supply module for piezo actuator bench


RECYCLE - Project Number: 267643

Thermal energy recovery electrical systems


REGENESYS - Project Number: 308129

Multi-source regenerative systems power conversion


RENERGISE - Project Number: 287076

Innovative management of energy recovery for reduction of electrical power consumption on fuel consumption


RETAX - Project Number: 296482

Efficient solution for rotorcraft electrical taxiing on ground, without rotor spinning


TESTHEMAS - Project Number: 325912

Design and implementation of a load simulator rig and ground test bench adaptation kit for a HEMAS test rig


SPLS - Project Number: 307727

Smart programmable load and source for more-electric aircraft testing.