Green Rotorcraft - Demonstrators

While some technologies can be assessed during their development phase, many key technologies will need to be validated via dedicated test programmes, involving in-flight or large-scale ground demonstration installations. These demonstrators combine several technologies at a major system or at aircraft level, enabling them to be tested in a relevant operating environment.
Their performance is evaluated in areas such as mechanical or in-fl ight behaviour. This will help to determine the true potential of the technologies and to enable a realistic environmental assessment. Demonstrations enable technologies to reach a higher level of maturity (TRL), which is the "raison d'être" of Clean Sky as a 'Level 3' highly integrated project and Joint Technology Initiative within the European Framework Research and Innovation Programme.


Innovative rotor blades - Q2 2015

  • Active twist blade and Gurney flap rotor
  • 3-D blade profile optimised for dual speed rotor

Shape optimisation and flow separation control devices enabling drag reduction - Q2 2015

Core Diesel engine for light helicopters design - Q2-2014

Power-pack integration - Q2-2014

Technologies for flight path optimisation - Q1-2015

Electrical main rotor actuators - Q3 2015

Electrical tail rotor- Q3 2015