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Structure of the Clean Sky 2 programme


The Clean Sky 2 programme consists of four elements.

Three Innovative Aircraft Demonstrator Platforms (IADPs), for Large Passenger Aircraft, Regional Aircraft and Fast Rotorcraft, developing and testing flying demonstrators at the full aircraft/vehicle level;

  • Three Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITDs), looking at airframe, engines and systems, using demonstrators at major integrated system level;
  • Two Transverse Activities (Small Air Transport, Eco-Design), integrating the knowledge of different ITDs and IADPs for specific applications and enabling synergies to be exploited between different platforms through shared projects and results;
  • The Technology Evaluator (TE), monitoring and assessing the environmental and societal impact of the technologies developed in the IADPs and ITDs.


The budget

The overall budget for Clean Sky 2 is nearly €4 billion. Of this, a total of €1.755 billion will come from the European Commission. The private sector industry leaders will contribute approximately €2.2 billion. This includes significant additional activities which do not form part of the Clean Sky 2 programme as described here, but which contribute to and support its objectives – enablers for the demonstrators or parallel research work necessary to develop an operational product in due time.


The funding principles 

A maximum of 40% of the available EU funding (roughly €700 million) will be allocated to Leaders.

At least 60% of EU funding – representing over €1 billion in EU funding – will be open to competition:

  1. Core-Partners compete via calls for Core-Partners, becoming Clean Sky members once selected. The Core-Partners will be eligible for 30% of EU funding, up to €540 million.
  2. Partners compete through calls for proposals. The 30% of EU funding (€540 million) set aside for Partners will be awarded via participation in calls for proposals or, where relevant, via public calls for tender. 


The structure of the programme is presented in graphic form below.


Structure of the programme


Brief overview of Clean Sky 2 programme components

Large Passenger Aircraft IADP (Leader: Airbus)

Regional Aircraft IADP (Leader: Alenia Aermacchi)

Fast Rotorcraft IADP (Leaders: Agusta Westland – Airbus Helicopters)

Airframe ITD (Leaders: Dassault Aviation – EADS-CASA – Saab)

Engines ITD (Leaders: MTU Aero Engines – Rolls-Royce – Safran)

Systems ITD (Leaders: Liebherr Aerospace – Thales)

Small Air Transport (SAT) Transverse Activity (Leaders: Evektor – Piaggio Aero Industries)

Eco-DESIGN Transverse Activity (Leader: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)

Technology Evaluator (Leader: German Aerospace Center DLR)