Participant Check List

The check list hereunder helps potential participants to file a winning proposal and implement successfully a Clean Sky project


Interested in participating in Clean Sky ?

All info on the Calls section of CS web

Are there Topics for me out there ?

  • Read carefully the topic description: scope, content of work required, value and timing
  • Is it compatible and consistent with my internal strategy and business plan?
  • Do I have the necesseray resources to implement the project?
  • Are IPR requirements compatible with my corporate policy?
  • Is a particular topic unclear ? Send ASAP a request for clarification to the CS functional mailbox dedicated to that particular Call.

Towards a winning proposal

Do I need partners and create a consortium?

Do I need support in preparing the proposal?

  • Check availability of specific supporting agencies
  • Read carefully the Guidelines and Rules for participation
  • Get the PIC for all participants, if not available already
  • Clarify the IPR requirements in the proposal
  • Clarify your approach for Risk management of the project


Verify your total budget is within the Value of the topic (do NOT confuse with funding!!)


Check the eligibility of proposed members of your consortium!

Latest info

Check regularly the Q/A document published on CS web for any update on your topic!


Send your Proposal (Part A and Part B) on time: Avoid last day submission !!!

Selected ? Complete the necessary admin stuff

  • Get in contact with Topic manager and Project Officer
  • Alert your financial and legal units to produce the related documents
  • Alert the member of your consortium and prepare an internal Consortium Agreement
  • Participate in the Negotiation Kick-off meeting organized by CS JU
  • Submit the required information and forms, using the appropriate tools
  • Define and agree with TM the content of work and finalise project content and timing (starting date, reporting periods and deliverables)
  • Interact with the Project Officer where needed and keep him informed!
  • Sign the Implementation Agreement or access the ITD Consortium Agreement
  • Sign the Grant Agreement for Partners 

Let's Implement...

  • Invite PO at project Kick-off meeting
  • Deliver as planned; inform the PO of any problem, delay and issues
  • Participate to the Reporting Info days organized by CS JU
  • Submit reports regularly

...and complete successfully

  • Produce the final report
  • Produce a publishable summary of the project results
  • Provide all Financial statements required, including the final Audit certificate.