An open club - SME friendly


Partners are selected for participating in specific activities of the Clean Sky programme according to open and transparent competitive procedures.

Calls for Proposals (CFP) specify selection criteria which include: eligibility, relevance, technical excellence, cost and value for money, timetable, quality. According to the requirements of the ITD and the work package a one-stage or two-stage competition process may be followed.

CFPs are proposed by each ITD Steering Committee, and reviewed by the JU staff and the European Commission. They are published broadly by all suitable channels and media including this web site. 

SMEs policy

The participation of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is encouraged in Clean Sky. Three options are open to SMEs:

  • Membership in a cluster having the status of Associate
  • Direct partnership, as Partner, after successful response to a CFP
  • Provision of service or supply of products, after successful response to a Call for Tender.

The clustering option allows participation in several ITDs and over the whole duration of Clean Sky, with financial support amounting to 50% of the cost (depending on eligibility).

The participation as Partner gives access to funding up to 75% of the cost for universities and research centres, and 50% for private companies.


Looking for partners?

There are already over 400 participants that are involved in several hundreds of Clean Sky projects.

Over 400 participants

Clean Sky is a truly open club that attracts the big industrial players but also many SMEs and industry. Is your organisation already part of Clean Sky  - Click to enlarge and display the poster or download the latest list of partners