Projects from Partners

Partners are private or public organisations that participate in specific activities of the Clean Sky programme over a limited period and according to open and transparent competitive procedures.

Partners have been selected through calls for proposals (CFP launched since the beginning of Clean Sky).

The members of ITDs defined the scope projects (topics) contributing to the objectives of the ITD (sorted per areas). The proposals submitted against topics were evaluated against criteria such as: eligibility, relevance, technical excellence, cost and value for money, timetable, and quality. Applicants with top-ranked proposals were invited to become Partners (more details

This section describes the different projects carried out in SAGE by Partners across the work packages of the ITD: SAGE1 to SAGE6.

Partners’ projects cover activities complementing the work performed by SAGE Members in all SAGE domains and contributing to meet Clean Sky’s environmental objectives (maturity of demonstrators and environmental targets such as noise and CO2 emissions reduction).

80 projects have been launched in SAGE. Each project can be downloaded though the section to which it belongs to, using the following links:


SAGE 1 – Open Rotor

SAGE 2 – Geared Open Rotor

SAGE 3 – Large 3-Shaft Turbofan

SAGE 4 – Geared Turbofan

SAGE 5 – Turboshaft

SAGE 6 – Lean Burn