SAGE 3 – Large 3-Shaft Turbofan

SAGE 3, the Large 3 Shaft Engine project will demonstrate technologies applicable to large 3-shaft turbofan engines in the 60-95,000 lb thrust class, as concerns low pressure system.  The project aim is to deliver TRL6 for these sub-systems through appropriate testing delivering engine conditions representative of potential future engine applications.  The representative environment for many technologies will be provided by engine test and so a significant component of the SAGE3 project is the ALPS (Advanced Low Pressure System) demonstrator engine, which will progress through several builds to provide a range of test conditions while also managing the risk to individual technologies. First engine tests will happen in 2012 for advanced dressings.

An innovative light weight welded intermediate  compressorcase developed by GKN Aerospace(Sweden)  in SAGE 3.

The part is made out of a high strength steel alloy instead of titanium,  and will create possibilities for a new competitive European supply chain for this type of part.