SAGE 5 – Turboshaft

SAGE 5, the Turboshaft engine Demonstrator shall provide with the necessary technologies for the development of a new engine family equipping helicopter classes with a take-off weight from 3 tons (single-engine) to 6 tons (twin-engine), delivering TRL6 for the sub-systems studied and design in SAGE 5 through appropriate testing,  delivering engine conditions representative of potential future engine applications.   The technologies to be demonstrated will deliver improved specific fuel consumptions, noise and emissions in-line with the goals of the Clean Sky programme. First engine test in 2012.

Partial rig test activities have started on the first quarter 2012 on compressor, combustor and Low Power Turbine. It aims to measure performance on each component separately prior to test it on the whole engine on the test bench. Operating parameters such as engine ratings (Take-Off, Cruise, and One Engine Inoperative) altitude, are simulated during these tests.

Combustor partial rig test



Instrumented Reduction gear box ready                                          Power Turbine casing is a main part

to be assembled with the airintake module.                                                 of the gas generator module


A rotor dynamic test will be completed end 2012 allowing reducing risk on demonstrator engine rotor dynamic behaviour.

Turboshaft-engine demonstrator assembly has started in August 2012, some parts have been instrumented prior to assembly. The first rotation target is expected end 2012.