SAGE - Sustainable and Green Engines


The Sustainable and Green Engine (SAGE) ITD of Clean Sky is dedicated to the demonstration of engine technologies for all sectors of the civil aerospace market, including regional, narrow body and wide body fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft. The ITD contains five demonstration vehicles, distinguished by application (helicopter, regional, narrow-body and wide-body) and by engine architecture (2-shaft, 3-shaft, geared and open-rotor) and draws on the competencies and facilities of all the European aero-engine manufacturers.

The demonstrations will prepare new solutions for the complete range of the marketwhereby for fixed-wing aircraft, a particular focus will be put on the novel engine architectures (open-rotor and geared-fan engine) that offer opportunities for step change reductions in CO2 emissions relative to current turbofans in the narrow-body and regional markets.

Open rotor propulsion offers particular promise for improvement but also strong challenges in integrating novel sub-systems, engine and aircraft systems and addressing noise emanating from the unshielded propellers.

A range of technologies to reduce weight, noise and NOx emissions from more conventional engines will also be demonstrated. While the individual environmental contributions of each of these technologies is less dramatic, accumulation and certainty of market application substantially increases the significance of these demonstrations when applied to the global fleet.

The primary focus of engine demonstration will be ground test to deliver proven architectures for advanced engines and mature “ready to use” technologies and the target for all demonstrators is to deliver technology demonstrations to TRL6. The technologies to be demonstrated will typically have been developed to lower TRLs under other programmes and the value of SAGE is in providing the engine vehicles and environments to take them to higher TRL and accelerate their introduction into the market.

Environmental Objectives





Noise (EPNdB) Cumulative





Clean Sky

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