SFWA Interactions with SAGE and SGO

All strategic technical SFWA-ITD activities are interfacing with the other CleanSky ITDs. There is a permanent communication and alignment with the Clean Sky Technology Evaluator, i.e. concerted tools, practices and activities.

Interfacing with SAGE

A continuous cooperation and interfacing is planned between SAGE 1 and SAGE 2 to conduct the feasibility study of the CROR propulsion system in a related future SMR aircraft concept, detailed design, integration and certification issues. In particular with SAGE 2 exchange will be made in 2012 to start the preparation respectively the modification of the Airbus A340-600 flying test bed. Interfacing with SAGE 3 will be done to facilitate the preparation of the SFWA-APL3 concept aircraft model scheduled for delivery to the Technology Evaluator in June 2012.

Interfacing with SGO

The interfacing with SGO will be intensified during 2012 to define a further potential exchange and cooperation in following areas:

More electric aircraft, in presumably

  • Electrical power distribution
  • Electrical Wing Ice Protection (E-WIP),
  • Electrical Environmental Control System (E-ECS)

Definition of optimized trajectories

Smart Operations on Ground

As result it is expected that a mutually agreed list of principle items of interest is defined with three targets:

  1. Requests for systems and components of special interest for SFWA for potential R&T activities in SGO
  2. Request from SGO to support the definition of green trajectories / operation
  3. Key technologies from SGO to be integrated in the update(s) of the SFWA Short and
  4. Medium Range CROR powered concept aircraft SFWA-APL2 Prime target is to add value to the technical R&T programs of both, SFWA-ITD and SGO-ITD and to define the key technologies to be transferred to the TE via the SFWA concept aircraft models, mostly through the SFWA-APL2, as, apart from the business jet area, the focus of the SFWA-ITD technical program is laid on R&T for short and medium range transport aircraft. Communication between the two ITD´s will be coordinated with focus on SFWA2.3 is SGO5.2.