SFWA (Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft)


The purpose of Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft Integrated Technology Demonstrator (SFWA ITD)is to take innovative technologies, concepts and capabilities that are currently at TRL 3 – andwhich demonstrate the potential to contribute to providing a step change in fuel consumptionlevels – and developing and validating them at TRL 6. To this end the Smart Fixed WingAircraft ITD will address the integration of passive and active flow and load controltechnologies into new Smart Wing concepts, as well as the integration of other novelcomponents such as Innovative Power-Plant, Empennage and Rear-Fuselage concepts.

  • Reduce the aircraft drag by 10% by reducing the wing drag by 25% using laminarity,and by reducing the aircraft weight and drag through innovative control surfaces andload control.
  • Reduce the fuel burn of aircraft by 20% integrating advanced engines, in particularthe Counter Rotating Open Rotor (CROR).
  • Reduce the aircraft noise by up to 10 db by engine noise shielding configurations, inparticular for business jets.
  • The key role to implement these technologies and to achieve the objectives in theSFWA-ITD is through the validation in large scale demonstration in real flight condition.

Technical targets

In the SFWA-ITD two major large transport aircraft technologies shall be matured and validated, the all new low drag “smart wing”, and the integration of the most advanced engine concepts. In line with the concept of the CleanSky program, it is the explicit target achieve proof both technologies to a status close to a potential application through major, dedicated large scale ground and flight demonstrations.

The first key technology is the all new “smart wing”, which features a substantially reduced aerodynamic drag through a step changing laminar wing design. This design will be based on including passive and active flow control means and a completely rethought multidisciplinary new structure and system concept, using advanced materials and manufacturing methods, sensors and actuators. The maturing of this smart wing is including a number of ground demonstrators plus a large scale flight demonstration to validate the smart wing concept in flight condition representative for cruise flight. Target is to proof that the smart wing can be produced at “industrial scales” and used with guaranteed performance, at low maintenance and operational costs during the whole lifetime.

The second key technology is the integration of advanced propulsion system with special focus on the Contra Rotating Open Rotor (CROR), which has the potential for a uniquely large reduction in the specific fuel burn. The SFWA-ITD project is including a full scale demonstration of a full size engine in flight. The demonstrator engine will be provided as ground test article by the CleanSky SAGE-ITD, the related parts of the technology roadmaps in both ITD´s are coordinated accordingly. It is important to note that the modification of the ground test engine to a flight test article will be done outside of the frame of CleanSky.

Additional technologies, supplementing in particular the development and validation of the smart wing, are being prepared, ground and flight tested in dedicated work packages.


Launch and progress with manufacturing of the laminar wing flight test articles according to plan

Pass „HSDP“ („BLADE“) Critical Design Review

Achieve coherence of numerical study and test results towards CROR decision gate

Successfully launch of the smart flap demonstrator, low speed vibration flight test and innovative rear empennage demonstrator

Establish a coherent „to completion“ SFWAmasterplan, agreed by all ITD-members, with updated commitments and work shares for beneficiaries, derive associated  multiyear Consortium Plan

Manage IPR issues between Consortium partners cooperating on subjects at high


Manage coordination of CfP-topics respectively CfP-partners

Develop PANEM models for the TE which are capable to rebuild the key features of the implemented technologies at all three simulated levels

Establish interface plan for SFWA – SGO interactions and „lock in“

Achieve „Cruise Mode“ with CleanSky Joint Undertaking operational an administrative framework of procedures and processes



SFWA 2013 Annual Report - Publishable Summary