SGO - Demonstrations Objectives and schedule

Major demonstration objectives are associated to the technology stream Demonstrations will include the flight testing of mature architectures, as well as the use of ground based hardware test rigs, notably:

  • thermal and electrical benches for energy
  • operational labs for trajectory and missions

The major demonstrations are the following

  • Ice detection and Ice protection : Flight tests on an Airbus test Aircraft in Q4 2015
  • Electrical Environmental Control System (E-ECS) flight tests on Airbus Aircraft in Q4 2015
  • Flight tests of Liquid Skin Heat exchanger in Q4 2013
  • Ground tests of integrated Electrical technologies (starter generator, power distribution, electrical load management, etc) in Airbus Proven test bench : Q1 2014
  • Ground tests of Thermal load management systems in Avant test facility in Q1 2015
  • Ground test in Airlab simulator of mature Flight Management functions for various flight phases : Q2 2015
  • In flight validation of Time and Energy managed descent : Q3 2015.


In addition, SGO will deliver a number of technology prototypes, for integration and demonstration in other ITDs, for instance :

  • Delivery to Eco-design of starter-generators, Power Electronic modules, power rectifiers, etc
  • Delivery of test equipement to GRA (generators and associated conversion units, E-ECS for flight test, etc)
  • Delivery of Swash Plate actuation to GRC in Q1 2015